stratospheric balloon carrier system

collecting data from high altitude

The versatile stratospheric balloon carrier system by Skysquitter enables the ascent of payloads into the stratosphere. It is suitable for a variety of applications. The payload itself can be specified by the customer. Received parameters and telemetry can be sent to the ground station and monitored in real time. An SD card can be used for recording extensive amounts of data. Exemplary applications:

  • Acquisition of meteorological data such as temperature, wind and air pressure
  • receiving aviation / radar data (Mode S including ADS-B)
  • Information about the technical capabilities of (secondary)surveillance radar: Interrogations and protocols, range and overlap
  • RF spectrum measurements
  • Evaluation of the channel assignment

Skysquitter has many years of experience in dealing with radio probes and stratospheric balloons. Stratospheric flights are carried out on behalf of the customer. Upon request, received data records can also be evaluated and analyzed after recovery. Skysquitter is constantly developing and improving the system to enable operation under unforeseen weather conditions and control of flight paths.