Skysquitter Surveillance Network

commercial aircraft tracking network

Skysquitter Surveillance Network (SSN)

The Skysquitter surveillance network (SSN) is a commercial Mode-S & ADS-B receiving network for professional applications. Operated by aviation experts, it offers secure data streaming and reliable airspace information. All receiver sites are planned & operated by Skysquitter using dedicated hardware and GPS time synchronisation.

The network is highly customizable to fit business needs, i.E. covering specific airspaces & sectors or providing precise MLAT positions. The data stream(s) can be used for various applications, such as airspace monitoring, aircraft tracking, weather predictions and more. It is also data source for the Mode S weather data product.

  • Reliable & robust

    • dedicated receivers
    • own hardware
    • own antenna sites

  • Flexible

    • custom fitting for business needs
    • dedicated solutions for high-precise MLAT
    • custom protocols & data formats

  • Secure

    • Encrypted streaming
    • no crowdsourcing
    • closed system

Get in touch: ssn (at)

Faro, Portugal
Brixen, Italy
Karlsborg, Sweden